Tuesday Magic Item – Love Eternal Ring

15 February, 2012

Some rings bear curses, some people will do anything to win their love, when the two are combined . . .

Love Eternal Ring

With this ring . . .

Love Eternal Ring

These bright silver rings are always tarnished on the interior, occasionally they are set with a small gemstone but never something too valuable.  They are also nearly impossible to destroy.

Only the clueless or the wicked would use this item which promises to guarantee a faithful lover.  Once given to the one the giver wishes to ind to them and freely accepted, the wearer of the ring is charmed (as charm person) but the giver becomes intense protective and jealous of their new love.  Any effect that would break the charm only lasts a second before it is reestablished but the giver suffers a point of Charisma drain.

Once the ring is given, neither the giver nor recipient will wish to see it removed, both being bound by the power of the curse.  These rings are impressively hard to destroy and usually end up being hidden or cast into inaccessible places.

Aura strong enchantment; CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 25,000; Weight
Construction Requirements
Forge Ring, bestow curse, charm person, geas/quest, vampiric touch; Cost 12,500 (+1,000 xp for D&D)

Notes: Something for Valentine’s Day and February’s theme of curses.

Photo by ph0rk and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.



  1. What happens if there are two such rings, each worn by the other?

    • Interesting question. You would have the magical trust of the charm effect completing with curse-enhanced jealousy, but each being highly protective of the other. It could make for an almost inseparable pair, but if their trust in each other was every serious challenged, it could lead to a destructive spiral of Charisma-draining as the charm shattered and was rebuild.

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