Tuesday Magic Item – Fate Cutting Arrows

7 February, 2012

Asharok looked old, if you did not know better you would think him north of forty, not a man just out of his teens.  His quest for vengeance for his slaughtered family had the price he had paid for his revenge was written in the lines on his face and the grey in his hair.  But his eyes were still keen and his aim precise.

Asharok counted the dark arrows with which he used to avenge his kin, only five remained of the twenty seven the Priestess of the Three Fates had given him.  Five arrows and four men and he could rest, I only hoped it would not be the rest of the dead.

Fate Cutting Arrow

These arrows have heads made of dull dark grey metal, an ash gray shaft and fletchings made from the feathers of ravens and crows.  If you stare at one too long, a whisper strand of thread can be seen tangled around the shaft for a moment, but if you blink it vanishes.

When used by those that do not know their secret, they are simply +1 arrows that ignore 1 point of damage reduction on their target.

Their secret is that they can cut the strands of fate of their target but doing so is costly to the archer.  To use this ability, the archer must mark the arrow head with a drop of their own blood and speak the name of the target (a move action) and inflict 1 point of Constitution damage and takes a year from the archer’s life (reducing their maximum age).  The empowered arrow becomes a +2 named-bane wounding arrow that ignores any damage reduction the target might have and only suffers half penalties for range.  Additionally the archer adds their Charisma bonus -if positive- to any attempt to confirm a critical hit with the arrow.

Aura strong divination and necrourgy; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 1,008; Weight 1/5 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, deathwatch, divination, harm, creator must be a worshiper of a god of fate; Cost 500.5 + 7 for the arrow (+40 xp for D&D)

Adventure Seed: A cache of five of these arrows have recently be uncovered, they are to be sold in a secret auction among the dangerous and dark of the city.  The characters are sent undercover to acquire the arrows -or at least learn who has bought them- but can they do so and not reveal themselves?

Notes: Not quite a cursed item, but one that extracts a heavy price from the user.  If a GM feels that longer lived races could abuse this item, they could make the cost in life 1/50th of their usual life span instead.


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