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Tuesday Magic Item – Venturer’s Friend at Court

24 January, 2012

First crafted by the bard Rufus Friend of the Commons for a delegation of simple villagers to the court of the King; a keen-eyed dwarven venturer sniffed out the magic behind the commoners’ excellent manners and commissioned one for himself and his companions, who often had trouble dealing with nobility.

Key to the Kingdom?

Etiquette is Key

Since then, the use of the these items have quickly spread throughout the venturing community.  They often change hands at the last moment before court for inflated prices for it is better to loose some coins than your head from accidentally insulting the prince royal.

Venturer’s Friend at Court

These innocuous pieces of jewellery, often earrings, headband or a necklace, are almost always made of silver and if set with gems, they are always just semiprecious stones (such as amethyst or jet) in subtle and tasteful amounts.  They are by their nature understated and well made.

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