Pattern Seekers – Episode 6: Gold, Gold, Gold (Part 1)

20 January, 2012

Having achieved another part of their goal, the Orb of Air, our heroes are dispatched on a different task, the seeking of allies but hopefully negotiating a peaceful compromise over the control of a gold mine between the Diamond Clan Dwarves and one of the Sun Temple Sects.  Both of whom the Pattern would like to have as possible allies.

Root of all evil?

Gold Ore

Thus our heroes are dispatched on a mission of diplomacy, which they may be particularly ill-suited towards, and soon find themselves on a winding road through the mountains.  Defender, as usual, takes the lead and after turning a corner, narrowly avoids being impaled by a ballista bolt.  Defender charges the dwarven post, taking a hit from a crossbow bolt, while Bradley shouts for peace.  After a few tense moments, the situation stabilizes.

The dwarves take a letter of introduction from Bradley and escorts the group to the dwarven camp where they meet Emissary Sagaroth White and Warleader Arcantus Rockbiter.  The dwarves explain that there have been attacks by bandits which is why the guard post was so jumpy.  They then lay out the dwarven claim to the mine: it was established by the Diamond dwarves but abandoned and sealed during a time of contraction and then the location was lost.  Bradley and the others agree to present the dwarven case to the Sun Temple in the homes of finding common ground between the two groups.

Leaving the dwarven forces behind, they make their way to the Sun Temple camp, which is larger if less militant.  They are shown to the presence of High Priestess Arave Brightdaughter who reads their letter of introduction and presents the Sun Temple case: which is that they have uncovered and restored the mine entrance in preparation for the expansion of the mine.  Then the Diamond dwarves appeared and work stopped until things were sorted out.

Bradley stayed behind while the rest of the characters went into the mine to explore.   Overcoming, they hope, a set of protective wards (which warned in dwarvish about progressing further) they slowly made their way into the mind, attracting the attention of a pack of iron bats, small dog sized bats with metallic fur, who swarmed the the explorers but only did minor damage before being slain or chased off.  Dr. Martin skinned one while Defender trussed up an unconscious one for possible training as a pet.

Niko noticed a sickly green glow glow from behind and slowly turned to find a spectral dwarven miner there who whispered, “Gold.”  Niko scrambled back and the ghost miner raised his hands and an equally ghostly pick appeared in them, which he plunged into the Visse’s chest sucking minerals and life force from the small fellow.  Niko ran and Defender and Pho engaged the spirit.  It focused on Defender, as his metal form is decorated with gold, and it was a tough fight as the insubstantial nature of the spirit, and its ability to fed on the life of others, made it difficult to put down.   Morgrymson finally distracts it with a handful of gold coins and while it was staring at the gold, the others hammered it with magic and might causing the spirit to disperse.

Badly injured by the spirit’s attacks, they withdrew from the mine.  And thus ended the session.  On to Part 2.

Notes: All of the usual players were here making for a sizable group which occasional led to some confusion during the combats.

Photo by alantankenghoe and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure.

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