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Tuesday Magic Item – Mathilda’s Shield

3 January, 2012

She straightened her helmet, shook the blood from her sword and turned back towards the gate.  “Get the people to safety,” she said, “I will buy you as much time as I can.”

“Wait . . .” I tried to get to her, but she was already moving against the tide of fleeing townsfolk.  I turned away, tears fogging my vision as she was lost to sight.  There was nothing left but to comply with her last wish. 

“Go, go, the west road is still open.”  I spared one last glace back, hoping that I would see her but there were only scared people.

Mathilda’s Shield

The first of these shields was carried by the Paladin Mathilda of Stern Resolve and imbued with her steadfastness and compassion.  Since then, various orders have invoked her example to make similar items.  They are heavy steel shields painted with the symbol of their order and with a holy symbol set in the back just above the grip.  They are very difficult to damage, as they are said to be a firm as Mathilda’s faith.

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