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Pattern Seekers – Episode 5: Stepping Stones across the Sky (Part 2)

30 December, 2011

Having completed their first scouting mission seeking the crystal orb of air, with a slight change of active characters (down a rogue up an alchemist and a druid) and restocking of potions, they returned arriving in the middle of a hailstorm.  Zandrick dragged the captured mephit, named Graz, back with them.  Making their way back to the ruined citadel, they found that the giant’s skeleton had been totally stripped of flesh.  Old Monk Yoon was still meditating outside of the citadel and had no new information to impart.

Their investigation of the ruins only afforded them a better view of the local terrain, everything of value had already been stripped or succumbed to the ages.  But from the tower, they saw a distant island that glinted like crystal so they decided to head there.  They were just on their way when they attracted the attention of a flock of terror birds, six two-meter tall flightless hunting birds, who rushed to attack and were pretty nasty smashing with their axe-like beaks.  They put the monk down and got some good blows in before their numbers were seriously diminished with the last two fleeing.  Pho ate most of one of the bird after the battle ended and they planned to roast the others later.

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