Pattern Seekers – Episode 4: Stepping Stones across the Sky (Part 1)

24 December, 2011

Having retrieved the Crown for exchange with the Sun Cult (see Episode 2), our heroes (Bradly, Defender, Nikko, Zandrik and the new member, Malik) were dispatched to locate a crystal orb aligned with air.  Unfortunately, the Pattern was having trouble locating it exact position, so this would be a scouting mission, they were given a description of the item on a scroll however.  As the group were short on healers each  member was given two potions in bottles marked with a honeycomb design.

Passing through the gate from the Complex, they found themselves in a particularly fractured section of the Sea of Stars, with many small islands (city block down to box sized) floating in random patterns around each other.  Ducking a ball of lightning that shot across the island they  were on, they explored further: noting bits of wood floating in a orbit around the largest islands and a ruining citadel on a distant island.  Defender decided that the citadel was their objective and set off via the islands while the monk decided to take the direct route leaping from wooden flotsam to jetsam.

Ruined Citadel

Ruined Citadel

Flickers, and the occasional ball, of lightning danced in the distance as they moved forward.  They were almost to the citadel when a cloud of smoke enshrouded the island they were about to move to.  Defender moved into the smoke, followed by the others, only to have a rock crash into the ground next to him.  Malik shouted a warned after seeing a large head briefly emerge above the smoke.  Zandrick sends dancing spheres of light to try and reveal their foe in the smoke and it does, a dirty giant clad in furs and armed with a massive club.  Bradly’s attempts to talk the giant down did not go well (“My sister is a what?”).  It is a brutal fight, with even a weak giant proving its danger, finally requiring all our heroes combined effort to bring him down (Malik bounding over to join in).

They took some time to patch themselves back together and as they did so, a rainbow appeared in the distance.  But not the pale, washed out rainbows they usually saw but one made of deep rich colors.  Defender headed out to it and the others followed, by they were beaten to the rainbow by a sky skiff which “anchored” about 40′ up and started doing something.  As our heroes approached, the pilot of the skiff called down, “This source is claimed by the color society, the violet is ours.”  Defender reached into the rainbow and found it had the consistency of thick mud and colored his hands and then took a sample for Dr. Martin.  Malik ended up with a blue toned finger.  Zandrick tasted the yellow (and it was the purest yellow taste).  Bradly stole some of the violet.  Asked about the orb, the color gatherer said she knew nothing and warned them away from the citadel.  Ignoring her advice, they headed back to the citadel.

Outside the citadel large rock, upon which sat an old man cross-legged, he introduces himself as Yoon, a Wayist in search of enlightenment.  He warns them that there are mischievous and dangerous spirits in the ruins.  As that warning was being given the others had already ventured into the courtyard and Zendrick just avoiding falling into a concealed pit.  Then a pencil sized rod of copper was tossed at him, Malik caught it just in time to be struck by lightning which in turn manifested into a sizzling ball of electrical energy.  Zendrick, who speaks the tongue of elementals of air, bribed the lightning to leave by giving it the copper rod and was promptly shot at by a crossbow and another of the spirits appear and pelted him with a biting with carrying pebbles and other bric-a-brac.  A short fight ensured where they captured one of the spirits (via grappling hook) and the other got away.

They questioned the spirit but gained no insight and decided to withdraw back to the complex as they were all quite battered.  As they left the citadel, there was a flash and a triumphant cry from the sky as the body of the other spirit creature plummeted to the ground, released from the claws of a diamond eagle.  Now they think they know where they need to go.

Continued next time.

Notes: C, T1 and T2 had all left for the holidays, so we were slightly short on players, but B, a friend of H’s, joined as a monk.

Photo by visual.dichotomy and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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