Pattern Potion Code

24 December, 2011

The potions provided by the agents of the Pattern are in vials made of some hard resin usually of a neutral, tan color.  Each is marked with an inset design that indicates its purpose:

Ant – Strength (bull’s strength).

Beetle – Armor (barkskin).

Centipede – Speed (expeditious retreat).

Dragonfly – Quickness (cat’s grace).

Grasshopper – Improved jumping (jump).

Honeycomb – Healing.

Mandibles – Improved natural attack (magic fang).

Moth -Defense against missile (entropic shield).

Spider – Improved climbing (spider climb).

Stinger (oil) – Weapon improvement (magic weapon).

Notes: Mostly for my own reference but if anyone else can find use for them, enjoy.  Will add more as they come up.

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