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Tuesday Magic Item – Flying Tiger Sword

20 December, 2011

The Lost Empress sought allies from far and wide to aid her in her quest to regain her throne from the Jonquil Usurper and his running dog lackeys, among those who joined her banner were the mercenaries of the Brave Tiger Troupe; the Brave Tigers were skilled foreign volunteers who fought loyally for the Lost Empress and her cause.

The Brave Tigers specialized in raiding and spoiler attacks against the Jonquil forces using mobility and ambushes to negate their enemy’s advantage in numbers.  The Brave Tigers were know for luring their enemy in and then striking from the rooftops or trees.  They were bold and fearless, an inspiration to those loyal to the Lost Empress even in the darkest of times.  Even now, their deeds and heroism is remembered with honor in the restored Empire.

Flying Tiger Sword

These swords, usually a long sword or sabre, are inlaid with a tiger pattern in copper or gold on the blade.  The grip is usually wrapped in sheepskin with a tassel hanging from the pommel.  The sword is exceedingly well balanced.

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