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Krampus Curse

19 December, 2011

As Berin Kinsman has already done the Krampus as a Pathfinder monster, for the Krampus Carnival, I will have to do a curse.

The Mayor of the small town was known for his exceeding indulgence of his children, letting them run riot and never apologizing or reining in their ill manners and unkindness.  This all changed one wintery morning after he received the gift of a

Krampus Marked

Late in the Curse

new hat from a mysterious admirer.  After that, he only took delight in keeping his own family, and then the children of the village, in order often by the harshest of means.  His features changed, becoming more bestial and his barber said that he needed to be shaved twice a day, including his neck and hands.

His cruelty became so well known that an Inquisitor arrived, sent by the Archbishopric, to investigate but the mayor fled into the hills where it is said he still waits to punish children who wander from their homes.

Krampus Curse

This curse is used by those to punish those who let their offspring run wild or as a punishment for a community that has caused harm to the children of other places.  To cast, it requires a shard of goat horn, a tuft of dog’s hairs and a drop of blood from two children mixed together with entreaties to the Kampus under a new moon.  The resulting small charm must be slipped into the clothes of the victim to activate the curse.

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