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Newish Monster – Osquip (Stellar)

18 December, 2011

The Rat Lord, god of vermin, mice and rats, fled through his home maze.  Behind him he could hear the dragons tearing through his traps and defenses as though they were toys.  His lair was mean to challenge and confound mortals, it could not stop or withstand the fury of the dragons.  He knew he was one of the last of the gods left, the combative beast lords had fallen in the first of the draconic assaults, but not him, he has struck from the shadows, killing wounded dragons and avoiding being seen until a few moments ago.  Now they had his scent and he was running out of places to hide.

He drew fourth the Rat Tooth Blade and slashed his palm, feeding his blood to his loyal servants waiting for him.  He watched them start to change and grow larger and more powerful.  “Take my power, my children.  Avenge me against the dragons.  I gift you with speed and strength and . . .” his last word were lost, as the Rat Lord’s head was savagely wrenched from his body by the mighty ebony dragon known as the Brute.

The rats who had fed on the Rat Lord’s blood fled to the world, mutating and growing becoming the plague on the dragons known as Osquips.

OSQUIP (Stellar)

    It is too big to be a rat but it must be related to them, with massive incisors and corded jaw muscles.  Its pink-grey skin is covered with stone dust and it glares at you with black eyes.  Its six legs scrabble at the stone before launching into a vicious attack.

Osquip                                              CR 1 (400 XP)
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