Pattern Seekers – Interlude 1: Into Darkness

16 December, 2011

Bradley, Dr Martin and Thea (and Pho) are returning from a scouting expedition stepping through the gate back into the complex, it is dark, completely utterly dark.  As Thea moves to retrieve her lantern and cast light upon it, Pho growls and everyone hears the scrabbling of claws on stone . . . The light reveals that the walls near the floor are riddled with holes burrowed through the rock and in one of them in a hairless rat-like thing with massive teeth and eight legs.  It rushes out to attack and is soon followed by three of his friends.



The fight is nasty as the sharp teeth of the rat-things cut deeply but none of our heroes goes down before they slay three and the last runs back into the tunnels.  Dr Martin identifies them as Osquips of unknown origin.  They cut out the creatures teeth and Pho eat some of the Osquip but does not seem impressed by the taste.  Further, they note that even though they only have a single light source, they are each casting three shadows.  They find the devoured remnants of one of the mantis guards of the Complex, obviously torn apart by Osquip.

They move deeper into the complex, finding the lack of light disturbing and they occasionally hear more Osquips in the walls but never see them.  Coming to an intersection, there is a distant buzzing down one of the branches.  Dr Martin insists that they investigate.  At the entrance to a room that seems to be the source of the buzzing, they find a twitching Osquip.  Bradly stomps on its head and is promptly attacked by a giant wasp!  The others move to aid him, but the wasp is fast and well armored.

After being viciously stung, but avoiding being poisoned, Dr Martin decide that it is time to monster out and proceeds to chase the wasp down and tear it apart with claws and fangs.  Thea recognizes that the wasp had poison the Osquip to lay egg in and deeping in the room there was a paralyzed cow and sheep, presumably being used for the same purpose.  Thea put them out of their pain and our heroes returned to their original path.

Once upon it, the still bestial Dr. Martin was attacked by a creature of solid shadow, specifically a Shade or darkness elemental, which almost managed to chill him into unconsciousness before his efforts and those of his allies were able to disperse the Shade.  They found that their extra shadows had vanished and the darkness around them seemed a little less dark.  Dr. Martin then broke through the floor, accidentally, exposing an Osquip nest which he firebombed (as alchemist do).  Our heroes were able to fight off the few burned Osquips that made it out of their nest.

They then staggered out of the darkness and back into the bright light of the complex, where they were not attacked by a phalanx of mantis guards.  They are taken to the Shaper who get their report and explains that the expansion of the Complex must have accidentally dug into something but that they are organizing to clear out the incursion.  She gives them each a token of appreciation and thus ended the adventure.

Notes: This game was spur of the moment as J was sick and had to cancel running his Pathfinder game, C is home for the holidays and M and H were also sick so there were only three player.   It takes place between Episode 4 and 5, probably, as neither has been run yet that may need to be adjusted.

Art from here, probably owned by WOTC and used without permission.

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