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Tuesday Magic Item – Snowstone

13 December, 2011

As the Orthanian Knights maneuvered around the hill fort, its walls damaged from days of fighting.  The rebels of the newly conquered territories had risen up but their weapons and bravery were rarely a match for the discipline and armor of the Orthanians.  Gathered by their priests, the last of the rebels in the North made their stand here at a previously abandoned hill fort.



As the knights formed up and advanced up the hill, slingers took to the ramparts and dozens of white missiles flew into their ranks.  It was as if a blizzard had hit the knights, covering them -and the ground- with ice and snow.  As the knight struggled through the suddenly treacherous footing, the rebels rained stones upon them.  As the first knight fought free of the snow, they find themselves sorely outnumbered by the defended and the rebels took hope.


These items are large marble-sized balls of unmelting ice crystals, bitterly cold to the touch.  Occasionally they form spontaneously in the aftermath of powerful ice or cold weather magic but more usually they are created for the use of those who serve the powers of Winter.

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