Pattern Seekers – Episode 3: Road to the Crown

9 December, 2011

Having been tasked with finding another artifact of the Sun to trade for the Staff of Crystallized Flames.  Two new agents had been ‘recruited’ (read rescued from possible death): Nikko, a Visse rouge with a bad attitude, and Zandrick, a tattooed desert sorcerer, and sent along as well (more information on them here).  The group was given a golden needle that would act as a compass pointing, more or less, towards the Crown of the Sun that they were seeking.

Chilly Coast

Chilly Coast

The gate dropped them on a bitter windswept rocky shore, facing a sea or large lake with hills rising away from the water.   The needle pointed them inland and our heroes travelled inland an hour or so until the found a tumbled cairn of stone and inside, a steep tunnel leading down to adventure!

Specifically,to the Road of the Dead!  Yes, I used a published module and it worked quite well, any problems of the game are my fault and not the module’s, and I admit I am rusty at running from published works but the hands outs were every bit as successful as I anticipated and the encounters were interesting and challenging.

So as not to present spoilers for anyone wanting to run the module, I will mention some of the high points:

  • Dr.  Martin, alchemist, finally got to “hulk out” and do some damage (though he looks more like Sasquach, orange fur and all).  He also took an attack of opportunity as he closed with a spear wielding foe: When I said it hit.  He said “I don’t care.”  “The I won’t tell you the damage then,” I replied.
  • Thea had a swarm of bats engulf a skeleton warrior, which did not do any damage to it but certainly impeded its combat effectiveness as the bat flew around and through it.
  • Dr. Martin later used a growth effect to be able to leap high enough to engage a flying enemy, leaping around like a giant madman and avoiding stepping on his allies.

In the end, the perils were overcome and the Crown was recovered, and we broke there as it has gotten late.

Notes: C had to study for finals so our dwarven priest was not here.

There was considerable player-to-player friction and verbal sniping through out the game, which I will need to clamp down on, and some unneeded metagame drama at end of the session that will need to be resolved before the next time we play.   But life goes on.

Photo by Iain Simpson and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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