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Pattern Seekers – Episode 3: Road to the Crown

9 December, 2011

Having been tasked with finding another artifact of the Sun to trade for the Staff of Crystallized Flames.  Two new agents had been ‘recruited’ (read rescued from possible death): Nikko, a Visse rouge with a bad attitude, and Zandrick, a tattooed desert sorcerer, and sent along as well (more information on them here).  The group was given a golden needle that would act as a compass pointing, more or less, towards the Crown of the Sun that they were seeking.

Chilly Coast

Chilly Coast

The gate dropped them on a bitter windswept rocky shore, facing a sea or large lake with hills rising away from the water.   The needle pointed them inland and our heroes travelled inland an hour or so until the found a tumbled cairn of stone and inside, a steep tunnel leading down to adventure!

Specifically,to the Road of the Dead!  Yes, I used a published module and it worked quite well, any problems of the game are my fault and not the module’s, and I admit I am rusty at running from published works but the hands outs were every bit as successful as I anticipated and the encounters were interesting and challenging. Read the rest of this entry ?

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