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Tuesday Magic Item – Guard Goblin

7 December, 2011

Bodro pricked his finger and smeared blood on the broach he wore.  “Come forth, Furbody,” he commanded and the goblin sprang into being.  Bodro offer him a piece of sweetmeat.  “Furbody,  I need you help.”

Goblin Fubody

Goblin Furbody

“Furbody always helps friend Bodro,” its said around a mouthful of sweetmeat.

“Good, good,” grinned Bodro, “now here is what I need you to do.”

Goblin Guard

These are simple items of jewelry inscribed with protective runes which encircle a piece of something changed into another: fossilized stone, amber, glass formed from water, metallized bone and such.

The fragment of changed substance in the goblin guard contains a bound stellar goblin and as long as the goblin remains bound, the wearer gains a +1 resistance bonus to save against fae powers and spells.  By placing a drop of the wearer’s blood on the fragment and sacrificing some of their vitality, the bound goblin can be forced to manifest.  The goblin is bound to serve the wearer’s orders, but will often try to twist the words and act according to the letter rather than the spirit of the request.  Offering the goblin food, especially milk or sweets, or small gifts are likely to make it more friendly and more willing to cooperate with the wearer. Read the rest of this entry ?

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