Winter is almost here, but December starts tomorrow

30 November, 2011

December was the tenth month of the Roman calendar but had no particular association for them.   However, December is also a modern month filled with holidays.  So, the themes for this month on the Sea of Stars design journal will be Winter, festivals and gift: cursed gifts, divine gifts, magical gifts or gift of all flavors.  If there is a particular idea inspired by the themes that you would like to see expanded upon, let me know and I will try to realize it.

Tomorrow is the meteorological start of Winter and we have a cold snap here to prove that point.

November saw the following posts here:


My First Published Legend of the Five Rings Fiction.

Places in the Sea of Stars: the Court of Stone

Places in the Sea of Stars: Polyarchy of Mondas

Thank you, brave soldiers

New Magic Items

Cravat of the Beau, for the well-dressed venturer.

Gouqua’s Bamboo Spear, arm the revolution!

The Luck of Rognan Gosh, luck just rubs off on some people.

Marnix’s Quill, a tool for writing.

Scarf of Warmth, ward off that winter chill.

Campaign Reports

Pathfinder, Embassy to the Barbarians: Part 2: Tombs and Assassins and Part 3: Welcome to Strangistan.

New Pathfinder Campaign, Pattern Finders: The Characters, Episode 1: It Begins and Episode 2: Temple of the Sun above the Water.


Today is Inventors’ Day.


#1 with a Bullet Point: Two Options for the Leadership Feat

Artists, Artisans and Workers: Bold Backgrounds Series I.

Genius Guide to: Rune Staves and Wyrd Wands.

Player Races: Dragon Men.

Wild Wide Web (Pathfinder Adventure).


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