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Tuesday Magic Item – Scarf of Warmth

29 November, 2011

The young man squeezed through the door to the tavern, made difficult by the drift of snow outside.  He stamped his feet to knock the snow from his boots.  “Right cold one today,” he said to the room in general.  “Don’t know how I would get by without the scarf me gran made me.”



Scarf of Warmth

These heavy scarves are tightly woven and never seem to fray or wear.  Often they bear a pattern showing their maker somewhere in the weave.

The scarf is a very simple magic item, it, combined with sensible clothes, keeps the wearer warm is just about any chill climate and the wind will never blow it open or away.  The magic is so effective that it also provides a +1 resistance bonus to saves against cold attack.

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