Tuesday Magic Item – Gouqua’s Bamboo Spear

22 November, 2011

Sir Oglethan cursed and reigned in his mount as he found the path through the forest blocked by a palisade of sharpened stakes.  “Again!  Where do these rebel find the time to construct these barriers!?  We were hot on their heels!”

“I wonder where they get the wood,” muttered Sandol, one of his men-at-arms, scanning the forest for an ambush.  His vigilance was rewarded as he brough up his shield to deflect a crude spear from the undergrowth.  “We are attacked!” he shouted.



“Kill them!” screamed Oglethan, hacking at the bushes.  Sandol stabbed half-heatedly at the trees and wondered if this would ever end.

Gouqua’s Bamboo Spear

These primitive weapons were first used by the rebel Gouqua in his revolt against the colonial forces of the Quach Imperialists.  They appear as hardened bamboo spears, wrapped in places with cord to reinforce them, and decorated with a slogan of the rebellion painted in ink.

Gouqua’s Bamboo Spear is a +1 spear that gains an additional +1 to circumstance bonus to attack against targets in medium or heavy armor.

It primary ability is, once a day when planted in the ground, a minute later hundreds of bamboo spears spring up out of the ground.  These spears are a mix of spears and long spears and they gain a +1 enhancement bonus to their first attack.  By concentrating and holding the spear during the entire minute the spears can appear in a palisade of up to fifty feet in length.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 8,000; Weight 5 lbs
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, plant growth, shillelagh; Cost 4,000 (+320 xp for D&D)

Adventure Seed: The Pass at X must be defended.  One of these spears is at a shrine only half a day from the pass, but to take the spear our heroes must prove to the shrine’s keepers that they will help the people once the pass has been defended.

Notes: Another weapon to try and give rebels a fighting chance against oppressors.

Photo by the Pug Father and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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