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Pattern Seekers – Episode 2: Temple of the Sun above the Water

21 November, 2011

Having completed their first task and returned with the dagger of carved stone, our heroes have two days to rest and learn a bit more about their new ‘home’ such as it is totally enclosed except for the gates out and is constantly being expanded by legions of insects.  They are then summoned by the Shaper and given a new object to acquire, a staff of crystallized flames (and some potions to help with the task).

The portal lets our heroes out in a lovely forest, nearby a road cuts through it.  Once on the road they hear the clop of hooves and the rattle of wheel as the Peddler Lymm and his cart of wonder appears.  They travel with him down the road and soon through fields to the walled town of Othan above which rises a caldera upon which the Temple of the Sun (above the water) is perched.  Except for Defender (who does not sleep) and Thea (who wants to sleep outside) they get rooms at the Inn of the Midnight Sun and Lymm gets a finder’s fee for bringing in custom.  The character split up to scout around and gain information: Read the rest of this entry ?

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