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Pathfinder – Embassy to the Barbarians, part 3: Welcome to Strangistan

18 November, 2011

Having survived the exploding assassins, our heroes got patched up, salved and rested.  The next morning starts with a shout of alarm from the lookout, everyone hurries to the deck to see a herd (flock?) of flying buffaloes heading for the ship.  Tae Boe tries to shoot at them with a bow, causing the crew to take cover and forcing Lorrend to grab the ships wheel.  The herders of the buffaloes appear, riding on flying carpet and using shocking whips, and cause the buffaloes to veer off as well.  One flies over and talks with Ivan whose native language is close to hers, who explains why they are here (and describing Tae Boe in unflattering terms), the herder tells them to follow her back to their ‘city’.

Hetman Akkan

Hetman Akkan

That they then do, the mighty skyship Eight-Clouds Ascendant landing on the outskirts of the Tent City of Wakun, mobile base of operations of the Copper Fang Tribe.  There they are loudly welcomed by Hetman Akkan and given a tour of the city, which is much less impressive than the herds of animals surround it: horses, winged buffalo, six-legged llama and other creatures.  Tae Boe gives gifts from the Empire and Akkan feast them with roast meats, exotic cheeses and kumiss (fermented mares’ milk).  After Tae Boe passes out, Akkan and the rest of the heroes get down to business with him.  They talks of things that can be done to help the tribe and decide to travel to the Mountain of Mirrors in search of enlightenment and then return to judge the ownership of a mine between the Copper Fang and a rival tribe.  Ivan ritually slaughters a buffalo calf with wrestling and a sacred spork to predict the success of the mission.

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