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Pathfinder – Embassy to the Barbarians, part 2: Tombs and Assassins

16 November, 2011

Inside the Mausoleum of the Gray Lord they step through a door to find that there are in a vaguely Roman city square at the base of the steps to a palace, though the whole place has an slightly unreal air to it as though it was a painting made three-dimensional.  They also find a new being among them, the semi-mechanical Seeker.



Before that discussion goes very far, a young woman comes down the steps explaining how she has been preyed upon by the wicked king and now she must end her own life to cleanse the shame.  She then takes a dagger from her girdle and does exactly that.  Appropriately shocked, Ivan runs to the woman and confirmed that she is quite dead.  At some point, a regally dressed man and eight soldiers appear on the steps of the palace.   He identifies himself as the king Tarquin of Tarquini and that our heroes should bow to him.

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