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Tuesday Magic Item – the Luck of Rognan Gosh

15 November, 2011

Tapping the worn coin hanging from a cord around his neck.  “For luck,” he whispered and slide his picks into the lock of the baron’s bedroom.  A few moments later he was rewarded with a soft click and the door swung open . . .

A few minutes, and a full bag of ‘liberated’ valuables, later, the rogue found himself skittering pellmell across rooftops and over alleyway cased by a variety of the baron’s staff, including some of his personal guards.  Luckily, they had few chances to get a clear view of him and even fewer clear shots, though one bolt had cut a shallow wound across his upper right arm.  Suddenly, the roofs stopped at the river, with a deep breath and a tight grip of his lucky coin, the rogues leap into the river . . . and

Worn Coin

Worn Coin


Luck of Rognan Gosh

A simple copper coin on an old leather cord, the coin has been handled so much that whatever was originally on its faces have been worn into obscurity.  Yet, somehow, it rests with a reassuring weight when worn.

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