Pattern Seekers – Episode 1: It Begins

8 November, 2011

Having created the characters, it was time to get them all together.

They are all yoinked from various places and awake in a large white marble room*, arranged to form a hexagon (Pho being the sixth point) not that anyone asked.  Distant musical pipes play as the character mainly introduce themselves, except for Bradley who just decided to leg it down a

Green Ant

Green Ant

corridor.  The others followed in various states of debate.  Bradly started across a green carpeted corridor only to find it was a carpet of green ants!  Deciding they were less threatening than the people following him, he ran across.  Everyone else stopped, at least briefly before crossing as carefully as they could (DeLorean gathered several ants into a jar before crossing).

At the end of the corridor, it opened into a circle of seats dropping down into a sand filled arena in which two scorpion-men were sparring with swords. They mistook our heroes for new recruits and invited them to spar and then sent them on their way to the person in charge, the Shaper.

The Shaper, a slender woman in a shear silk robe wearing a mantis mask, asks for our heroes help in restoring the Pattern.  With some convincing needed in some cases, they agree.  They are given a scroll, delivered by a large beetle, showing a stone dagger and escorted by a human-sized mantis to a gateway to the outside world.  They are warned to mark their arrival point, which they do, arriving on a slope of loose obsidian overlooking a ruined city, partly covered in long cooled lava.  Crossing the city, they are attacked from below by creatures of ash and hatred that almost managed to pull Thea down into a terrible doom.

Ash Bodies

Ash Bodies

They continued onward to the heart of the city, where they find a temple-like building that the lava did not enter, something having protected it.  Defender thought it was a temple to the earth goddess.  Entering they find a perfectly preserved interior, but the central statue was missing.  Exploring further, they found a secret door hiding a stairway leading to a underground area.  They followed it down, noting that some of the stairs were shattered, as if something heavy had been moved across them.  At the bottom of the stairs, there is a natural cavern, with a kneeling statue in the center, about the right size to match the missing one upstairs.  When our heroes approach, a hydra bursts out of the ground, blocking the way.  Defender shows respect, Thea tries to make friends and Morgrymson attacks.  So, a fight ensures with DeLorean and Morgrymson both being badly wounded before the hydra is slain, melting back into the earth.

Approaching the statue, she stands and says, “My time here is done.”  She hands the dagger to Thea and falls to dust.  Seconds later, the temple starts shaking as the last of the protective magics on it fade away.  Our heroes run and make their way back to the gate, which they had marked with a ten-foot pole.  Returning, they were thanked and given a place to stay in the complex.

Thus ended episode 1.  Onward to Episode 2.

Notes: * Frequent readers may recognize this as the same set up as this adventure, but the two groups played out very differently.

The game did not run as smoothly as I would have liked, as I should have dropped some of the weirder and more dangerous encounters first, rather then giving them the chance to move strait to the meeting with the Shaper.

Green ant photo from Wikimedia Commons and is in the public domain.  Bodies from Pompei by Sam Szuapuki and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.



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