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New Pathfinder Campaign – Pattern Seekers – The Characters

4 November, 2011

Since most of my Thursday night group are very into Pathfinder at the moment, I decided to run a short campaign for them in the Sea of Stars.  Placing no restrictions on them, as is my want, these are the characters they came up with:

Defender,  a relic of an earlier age in more ways than one.  A living construct holy warrior (modeled on the Ironborn) who was trapped from before the Sundering and only recently freed.  A worshiper of a dead god and follower of a lost way.  Forged himself into a sword in Episode 10.  (Ironborn Paladin 4, played by J.)

(Doctor) DeLorean Martin, master of alchemical evolution, trying to recreate the ‘perfect evolutionary state’ he achieved by accident, also  invented the panacea pancake before his decent into obsession.  Able to change into a massively strong bestial form.  Mysterious vanished between Episodes 9 and 10.  (Human Alchemist 4, played by T2.)

Morgrymson of the House of Grym, merchant-venturer of a dwarven trading house, a recent but zealous convert to the proscribed Moon Sect.  (Emerald Dwarf Cleric 3/ dragon bloodline sorcerer 1, played by C.)Pho the Lioness

Thea (and Pho), a small but adventurous Visse, abandoned as a child and raised by a strange sect of druids.   She is accompanied by her loyal lioness, Pho.  (Visse Druid 4, played by T1.)

Bradley (Xanthoceras-Gregoria), royal bastard, exile and last surviving heir to the throne of Gregoria.  A master of talking but of more limited use in other situations.  Now seeking to reclaim his father’s kingdom.  (Half-Elven Rogue 4, played by Z.)

See what happens to them in Episode One.

Joining in Episode 3 were:

Nikko (Nicodemus Marcellus Arturo Jediah Francisco Banks Talleymoney II), Visse clerk gone bad, thrill seeking and sticky fingers led to expulsion from his family and he has be dropping lower and becoming more desperate ever since.  (Visse Rogue 4, played by H.)

Zandrick Thunder Bird, former mercenary warrior from the desert who spontaneously developed sorcerous powers.  He uses tattoos to control his powers and keep them in check and is accompanied by his familiar, a yellow-headed black bird, and faithful war horse.  (Human Jinn-blooded Tattooed Sorcerer 4, Played by M.)

Appearing Episode 4:

Malik, a seeker of physical perfection and expert in unarmed combat.  (Human Monk 4, Played by B3.)

Appearing Episode 10:

Mirror, oft-kilter but perceptive wizard in touch with a fabric of the universe.  (Human Void Wizard 4, played by L.)

Rollin, elfin archer who does not speak.  (Elf Fighter 4, played by T2.)

Serrin, judgmental elfin warrior-wizard, uses an elven curve blade empowered by his own magics.  (Elf Magus 4, played by M.)

Appearing Episode 11:

Tack Marion, swashbuckling pirate in search of a ship, well, specifically, his ship.  (Human Pirate [rouge variant] 4, played by J2.)

Appearing Episode 17:

Kurtz Dreiman, priest of the Redemption, trying to prove to the gods that it is time for them to return by striking against the dragons.  (Human, Cleric 4, played by A)

Notes: Photo by Sander van der Wel and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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