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Places in the Sea of Stars – The Polyarchy of Mondas

3 November, 2011

The Polyarchy of Mondas

The Sundering had many effects across the Sea of Stars, some lands were shattered, others were torn apart by volcanoes or flooded, rivers changed courses and oceans boiled away, other effects were more subtle but no less devastating.  The people of Mondas suffered from one of the later, the people of Mondas found that their children were often born sickly, fragile bones were common, and it was becoming worse from generation to generation.

Early Mondasian

Early Mondasian

The people of Mondas turned to their rulers and their rulers turned to their draconic patron.  Wizards and sorcerers, exorcists and curse-breakers tried to find a solution to the sickness but to no avail.  But other solutions were tried, amulets and talismans and then magical frames and support.  Finally one family, brokenhearted by their dying child, made the leap and had her soul moved into a construct body.  Whether this triggered what came next or if it was just symbolic of the fall of the Mondosians, will never be known.

Their children were even weaker, those that were not born dead, more and more of the people of Mondas turned to artificer-mages to make new bodies for their children.  Within two generations, Mondas was peopled only by magical machines, some that remembered being humans, others that knew no life apart from in their mechagical** bodies.  Their numbers were small and only grow slowly as new members are built, usually as children to the current Mondasians.

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