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Places in the Sea of Stars – The Court of Stone

2 November, 2011

The Court of Stone

Dragons are sometime seized by odd obsessions, Damanthi is one such dragon. Having been assigned to rule over a set of mountains including several dwarven kingdoms and many fine quarries, he became fascinated with the shaping of stone and metal, but especially stone. He took the first ten years to learn his kingdom, finding what it could produce, where it was unique, and what talents his new subjects had.



That done, he decided to build a palace that would exemplify his new lands and exalt the people, and his rule. Soon, his kingdom was full of sculptors and stone cutters, during the day the air rang with the sounds of chisels and even in the corridors of his palace you could not escape the stone dust. Damanthi learned from them all, becoming a master of stone and sculpting in his own right. He spent over a century learning the art of shaping and molding stone. The next century, he spent mastering the craft of summoning and binding elementals and spirits. Then, he set to work combining these two disparate arts into a new form of golem making.

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