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Tuesday Magic Item – Cravat of the Beau

1 November, 2011

As the arbiter of fashion among the elite of the spa-city of Solvictis -and beyond- Mornian Dan’Mornian fashion choices were reported,  talked about and imitated near and far.  The one constant was his artistically tied cravat, a vital part of every gentleman’s dress according to Dan’Mornian.

The Beau

The Beau

Famous for his reply to the First Prince’s question of “How much it would cost to keep a single man in clothes?”  Dan’Mornian replied: “Why, with tolerable economy, I think it might be done with 800 Imperial Pounds.”

Cravat of the Beau

These fine lace cloths are designed to be tied around the wearer neck in a variety of fashions depending on their personal style.  They are always clean and if left unattended, will fold themselves into a neat square.

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