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New Magic Item – Ghoul’s Claw

26 October, 2011

The dagger was not much to look at, a curved blade, pitted by corrosion, and a bone handle wrapped in poorly tanned leather.  But it had killed our friend, Naval, the blade opened him up and left him bleeding and gasping in pain.  The foul little man who had used the dagger had escaped but Aja’s whip took the dagger from his hand.

Ghoul's Claw

Ghoul's Claw

“We should go after that murderer,” hissed Valish.

Aja coiled his whip.  “Let us tend to Naval first, that old man tain’t be much of a threat without this here knife.”

“What if he has others?”

 Ghoul’s Claw

This daggers, often with curved blades, are crudely forged from poor quality steel and quenched in dead men’s blood.  The handle is almost always made of human bone, but bone in any case.  While the blade may start to rust or corrode, it never does so far as to render it unusable.

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