Post-Wyvern Hunt, Embassy to the Barbarians

2 October, 2011

I had entirely forgotten to write up how the Wyvern Hunt (part 1 and part 2) ended which was . . . messily.   Blessed by Golden Scales Zhuang Tae Boe did, ultimately, retrieve three wyvern hatchlings only costing him his favorite Poet (murdered by Sagacious Lieu) and Sagacious Lieu (eaten by mother wyvern).   While Tae Boe had Blessed by Golden Scalesmanaged to tame said mother wyvern temporarily through some amazing social roleplay (and rolls) backed by the sacrifice of a horse as wyvern food, Lorrend found it wise to murder the creature in its sleep before it could turn on them.

Returning in unexpected triumph, when the hope had been that he would not return at all, Tae Boe is ‘promoted’ to Light of Civilization, Benevolence to Barbarians – His Most Excellent Imperial Ambassador, Grand Nephew of Heaven and High Admiral of the Second Exploratory Fleet and sent away aboard the Eight-Clouds Ascendant sky ship to the lands beyond with his ‘native’ guide Ivan Krak-Snapper, ex-strangler.

Heading to Ivan’s home (currently called ‘Weirdistan’) via the Eight-Clouds Ascendant they are hit by a fast moving storm, fast enough that the sky ship cannot land before it hits.  Tae Boe must feel the storm first hand, and so is out in it, watched by his new favorite poet (unwillingly) and Ivan.  The lightning changes from white to indigo in color just before the storm sweeps over the ship.  Lorrend, who was checking on his horse, Tulip, below decks, made his way up after hearing the impact of the storm.  Rain pours down over the ship but it is quickly noticed (by all by Tae Boe) that it is soundless, it fact, all sounds are being deadened in the rain.

Ivan retrieves a safety rope for one of the sailors and ends up with just a foot, the rest of the sailor having gone missing.   As he moves to warn Tae Boe, a long limbed indistinct humanoid figure rises up from the deck.  Lorrend charged in to engage and Ivan lept upon it, only to have it collapse back into water on the deck.  Then it reforming near to Tae Boe and the poet.  Further combat ensued, ending when the ship grounded and shook it apart.  As the storm blew over and the sun came out, chasing away the pools of indigo water as though they were shadows.

The Captain reported that the ship would need repairs and promptly unloaded Tae Boe’s expedition to “embassy to the locals” while work on the ship was ongoing.   The brave explorers move out across the land, stopping by a river filled with vicious biting fish.  Tae Boe worked on perfecting his barbaric skills while Lorrend scouted the area, finding a road that the river neatly cut.  A dinner of vicious biting fish and supplies from the ship followed.

In the night, Lorrend is woken by Tulip, who watches the non-heroic men of the expedition marching off the distant song.  He awakens Tae Boe and Ivan and then rides towards the song.  Arriving ahead of his companions, Tae Boe having taken some time to decide what to wear, Lorrend find three mermaid like river sirens where the road is cut by the river.  As he watched, the one on his side eviscerates one of the guards, letting his entrails fall into the water to be consumed by vicious biting fish while sharing the internal organs with her two sisters on the other side.  Lorrend spurs into a charge and (critically!) impales the near one on his lance.  The other two flee, ending the song and freeing the remaining men from their spell.  They guide the mildly confused men back to the camp just in time for breakfast and breaking said camp.

After some discussion, they decide to follow the road and not try to cross the river.  Soon, they come to the edge of a ruined city, everything is been worn down by age and weather.  As they walk down the line of Roman-style tombs on the road into the city, they realize that some of the tombs have broken out of.  But the only building intact is a massive black mausoleum surrounded by what once was a beautiful ornamental garden.  “Welcome to the Mausoleum of the Gray Lord.  Please rest and contemplate your mortality.”  Tae Boe was openly critical (“Talking tombs are so 8th century.”) but they entered the mausoleum all the same.

That is where we ended.


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