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Post-Wyvern Hunt, Embassy to the Barbarians

2 October, 2011

I had entirely forgotten to write up how the Wyvern Hunt (part 1 and part 2) ended which was . . . messily.   Blessed by Golden Scales Zhuang Tae Boe did, ultimately, retrieve three wyvern hatchlings only costing him his favorite Poet (murdered by Sagacious Lieu) and Sagacious Lieu (eaten by mother wyvern).   While Tae Boe had Blessed by Golden Scalesmanaged to tame said mother wyvern temporarily through some amazing social roleplay (and rolls) backed by the sacrifice of a horse as wyvern food, Lorrend found it wise to murder the creature in its sleep before it could turn on them.

Returning in unexpected triumph, when the hope had been that he would not return at all, Tae Boe is ‘promoted’ to Light of Civilization, Benevolence to Barbarians – His Most Excellent Imperial Ambassador, Grand Nephew of Heaven and High Admiral of the Second Exploratory Fleet and sent away aboard the Eight-Clouds Ascendant sky ship to the lands beyond with his ‘native’ guide Ivan Krak-Snapper, ex-strangler.

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