New Magic Item – Fever Blade

28 September, 2011

His eyes glinted with madness or something else.  Demands for his surrender were met by increasing hysterical laughter from the swordsman.  As the combat progressed his style became increasingly erratic and risky but no less dangerous because of it.  He leap and rolled, stabbed and slashed.  Evading our blows until we finally corned him in a cemetery.

Scimitar Bunny loves Fever Blades

Scimitar Bunny loves Fever Blades

In the end we lost three men dead and two more badly wounded before we put him down.  As we bound our wounds

in the now failing rain, the blade of his sword seemed to be smiling at us.

Fever Blade

The curved blades of these weapons often seem a pale red when the light catches them and they are always warm to the touch.  These weapons are usually unadorned though their grips are made of material which will ensure a firm grip.

A fever blade is a +2 scimitar (or more rarely, any curved blade) on a successful critical hit, its target is stricken with fever, with the effect of being sickened, spell casters find this especially troubling making spell casting difficult imposing a -3 penalty (rather than the usual -2) on concentration checks.  The fever last 1d4+1 rounds.

The wielder may also go into a fever dance at any time (as a free action), while in a fever dance they are treated as being under a haste spell, but they also gain an additional +1 dodge bonus to armor class (from their erratic movements), a +2 fever bonus to saves against mind effecting spells (which have trouble gripping the fevered mind) and a -4 fever penalty to resist feints and illusions (as your grip on reality is skewed).  The fever dance lasts as long as the wielder wishes to, up to their Constitution less one in rounds, or they are knocked unconscious.  However, such power is not without price, like any fever, the dance consumes the wielder, when the fever dance is stopped, the wielder suffers one point of Constitution damage for each round they were dancing.

Aura moderate necrourgy; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 28,815; Weight 4 lbs
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bestow curse, haste, vampiric touch; Cost 14,250 + 315 for the scimitar (or by weapon) (+1,140 xp for D&D)

Notes: To compliment the Fever chain of spells from yesterday and I like weapons that have a cost to use their best ability.

Scimitar Bunny picture by Gwenddolen and is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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