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New Magic Item – Fever Blade

28 September, 2011

His eyes glinted with madness or something else.  Demands for his surrender were met by increasing hysterical laughter from the swordsman.  As the combat progressed his style became increasingly erratic and risky but no less dangerous because of it.  He leap and rolled, stabbed and slashed.  Evading our blows until we finally corned him in a cemetery.

Scimitar Bunny loves Fever Blades

Scimitar Bunny loves Fever Blades

In the end we lost three men dead and two more badly wounded before we put him down.  As we bound our wounds

in the now failing rain, the blade of his sword seemed to be smiling at us.

Fever Blade

The curved blades of these weapons often seem a pale red when the light catches them and they are always warm to the touch.  These weapons are usually unadorned though their grips are made of material which will ensure a firm grip.

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