New L5R Ronin Path – Sairou’s Wolves

21 September, 2011

There are many dangers on the roads of the Empire, not least among them wandering bands of ronin willing to sell their skills for coin.  Such often turn to banditry when times are lean.

Sairou’s Wolves [Bushi]



The ronin Sairou has aggressive recruited and drilled those ronin that follow her banner.  Sairou knows that ronin can rarely equal Clan samurai in equipment or training, but they can excel in dedication and superior application of numbers.

Sairou’s Wolves excel in ambush and small unit combat, she recognizes this and tries to avoid contracts that would places her ronin in open field battle.

Technique Rank: 1
Benefit: +1 Stamina
Skills: Athletics, Battle, Kenjutsu, Kyujutsu, Stealth, any one weapon skill, any one skill
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Ashigaru or Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, any one weapon, Traveling Pack, 1 koku.
Technique: Wolf Pack – The Wolves have learned how to use their numbers to confuse and out-maneuver their foes.  When two ronin with this technique attack the same target, they each get +1k0 on their attack rolls, if there are three ronin each also gains a +5 to their Armor TN against the outnumbered target and if four or more ronin are attacking the same target they each add +1k0 to their damage.

Even if not working with other people with knowledge of this technique, the Wolf can still read the flow of battle well enough to gain these bonuses but it requires twice as many allies to trigger them (+1k0 to attack with two allies against a foe, +5 to Armor TN with three allies, and the damage bonus at six or more allies).

Notes: Sairou is the leader of the ‘bandits’ that raided the Inn of the Willow Branch and will likely be a re-occuring rival/villain in the new L5R game.  So, I wanted her ronin to have a distinct flavor and technique (which they did not get to use in the first encounter).

Also, I wanted a technique that focused on the idea that there are usually more ronin than PCs in an encounter and a way for the opposition to capitalize on that.

Image by Yoshitoshi Taiso, 1839-1892, artist. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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