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Tuesday Magic Item – Doppelgänger Amulet

6 September, 2011

The fact that the treasurer was late was not surprise, he was found of large breakfasts, nor was the fact that he was forgetful about a few details, he was know to over imbibe even over breakfast.  Locking himself in the counting room was noted, but as he took a bottle with him, more with a sigh than worry.

When a messenger arrived from the treasurer’s wife to inform the duke that the treasurer had not returned to his home the previous night.  Then, questions started to be asked.  A search was undertake.  The false treasurer, and several bags of valuables had vanished, while the real treasurer was found later that same day stuffed in a closet in a brothel.

Doppelgänger Amulet

These amulets are of an unremarkable design, nothing that would attract unusual attention.  Though if held, it will be obvious that the amulet is hollow (unless it is in use).

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