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Shadowrun report and Seattle Scream (Issue #31) prop

3 September, 2011

Today was another Shadowrun demo/episode at Tyche’s Games, with Issue 31 of the Seattle Scream (which references the last game) to provide some framework for play.

Due to Dragon*Con we only had three players (after recruiting my lovely wife to join) and it was a very strait-forward scenario.  The characters were given a box to take from the barrens to the Sheraton Downtown (specifically to Nestor Seventoes, room 1308).  Unfortunately, someone else seems to be after the box too.  They fought their way past a group of go-gangers, stealing a motorcycle in the process, and then evaded the cops (mostly) once they got to downtown.  The Ork called Sue, escaping by driving his motorcycle into a pedestrian underpass and then bolting onto the monorail.  At the end, Mr Day, was able to get the box from Sue, slip past the police and make it into the Sheraton while Lizzard (orkish glam-rocker) staged a distraction.  Sue ended up getting a 750 NuYen fine and being banned from 3 months from Downtown for reckless endangerment.

Overall a success, though Sue’s criminal record keeps growing.


Wandering the Web [12]

3 September, 2011

A medley of curious bits of information that I have encountered recently.  Hope you find them as intriguing as I have.

The ancient Romans were clothes horses, who knew?  (Well, most students of Ancient history suspected.)

Tomb in Germany containing a chief buried with a great amount of wealth opens interesting questions about the world of 3,800 years ago.

A sympathetic look at current Dungeons and Dragons players from the mainstream press.

A exhibition of historical forgeries, including mock dragons and ancient bronze horses.  Apparently, people have been producing forgeries almost as long as there has been art.

Fading London, finding signs of London’s past among its ever-changing present.

Amazing photo of the Eiffel Tower with lightning, would make a great scene from a superhero game.

It seems I have totally failed to share this wonderful video as well, it is called Space Girl and is a tribute to SF heroines, go watch and enjoy.

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