New L5R Campaign – Characters

2 September, 2011

Having wound down the Junior Yoriki Team B game, we have returned to L5R with a new magistrate based campaign.  This time it will be Toku Kobo, Imperial Magistrate, as the character’s patron.  Yes, it is set in the same world, about 18 months later so the other JYTB characters may end up making cameo appearances as well.  The characters are all staring out as beginning character, not quite fresh from their gempukku.

The Characters so far are:

Akodo Katsu (Akodo Bushi 2), Gunso of the 4th Imperial Legion, on detached duty.  Trying to be a Lion’s Lion in Imperial service.   Joined Episode 2. (The only returning character from the JYTB Campaign as H had barely gotten a chance to play him and he is only slightly above the rest of the PCs in the experience curve.)

Akodo Noriko (Matsu Berserker 1), this samurai-ko is doubly cursed both with mismatched eyes (one is blue) and by the realm of slaughter, making her very bloodthirsty in combat.  Her Matsu training is tempered, a little, by her love of fishing and study of the Tao.  (Played by T.)

Akodo Arihito (Mirumoto Bushi 2), trained by the Dragon in the art of niten (two-sword fighting) this Akodo is a student of gaijin militaries, potentially a warrior-scholar.  Time will tell.  (Played by C.)

Isawa Moeru (Isawa Shugenja 1), small fire friendly Phoenix shugenja.  Likely to walk the path of mastery of fire over all other elements.  (Played by J.)

Matsu Tsuruchi (Akodo Bushi 1), the archery Lion, really not into the whole idea of melee combat and untested in combat when the campaign began.  Actually a member of the Matsu vassal family know for archery.  Joined Episode 2.  (Played by T2.)

Shiaba Kyo (Shiba Bushi 1), young Pheonix samurai seconded from the 4th Imperial Legion.  Joined Episode 2.  (Played by J2.)

Tora (Monk Brawler 1), a monk who is not very good at being a monk, but very good at hitting people.  (Played by Z, the character is a monk socially but using the Mantis Brawler school from the Great Clans book.)

More to come.

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