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Tuesday Magic Item – Eternal Deed

30 August, 2011

The joint law offices and temple to the god of contracts hummed with activity.  There were always those who needed legal opinions and contracts in the city of merchants.  Not everyone was willing to accept a traders word, some required more.  The lawyer-priests were happy to oblige, for a small fee, acting as witnesses, advisers, oathkeepers and -very rarely- enforcers of contracts.

For the most important of deed, only the most secure of certificate would do, and those with the wealth to demand them often did.  These too, the lawyer priests would provide, blessed to be ageless and sealed to prove their provenance.

Eternal Deed

These legal documents are often heavy scrolls or, more rarely, bound into books gathering a variety of them (sometimes called a cartulary).  In any case, they are always on durable material and usually festooned with wax or lead seals at the bottom.

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