Inspirational Viewing – Trollhunter

29 August, 2011

Trollhunter is a wonderful low-budget Norwegian film about a group of Uni students making a film who stumble across a great secret, that there are trolls and the government has a branch that covers up their existence.

While it is entirely low budget, the effects are good and atmospheric (even if the trolls look a little goofy they still manage to be frightening) and it is well written.  Overall, I thought it was well worth watching.  Note, however, that we watched it in Norwegian with subtitles, I can make no claims as to how good (or bad) the English dubbing is.

Good points:

Believable Conspiracy, the Troll Security Service (TST in Norwegian) is believable because it is small.  My problems with most conspiracy theories is that they involve two thousand people and none of them have ever talked.  The Mafia have a saying about that, it goes,Three people can keep a secret . . . if two of them are dead.”

Modern Monsters, the explanation of trolls and how they (still) exist in the modern world is fairly plausible.  It tries to fold the legends of trolls into a modern ‘scientific’ understanding and done quite well.

Using Technology, the adaption of technologies, modern and ancient, to the problem of dealing with trolls is well done.

And a few less good points (which can be ignored):

Documentary Format, leading to some shaky cam moments, but not as bad as say Cloverfield or Blair Witch.




  1. I really enjoyed Trollhunter. So much so that I created a new class for my world (RPG) of that name based on the main character in the movie. I have a medieval world, so the Trollhunter is a monster slayer type, using a magic solar lantern instead of the movies technology, but essentially the same. After seeing the movie, Trolls also got a little beefier, though I do have it that some trolls are not stupid, and some can even use magic (Black Cave Trolls). Additionally, if I might ramble on a bit more, my Trollhunters primarily kill trolls (rather then keep them penned in to sanctioned areas), but also go after other monsters as well. So the Trollhunter in Elthos would be more accurately defined as Monsterhunter, but I like Trollhunter better as a name, and it is their primary duty. And also, the whole idea came from the Trollhunter movie, so… there you have it. 🙂

    Definitely worth seeing the movie. It was fun, and well done. 🙂

    • Excellent. It certainly is a fun movie.

      Trollhunter is definitely an evocative name (as is ‘Trollslayer’ from Warhammer). Do they have a fraternity?

  2. I’m sure they do, but to be honest, Trollhunter as a name works just a wee bit better than Trollslayer… maybe because it’s evocative of more than the slaying part, but includes the entire spectrum of knowing how to actually hunt trolls, using their slime to hide your smell, knowing where and how they themselves hunt, their weaknesses and strengths, and so on. It’s an entire skill set. The skills I have associated to Trollhunter are:

    Heavy Weapons
    Troll Hunting (specific to trolls)
    Outdoorsmanship (Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Path Finding, Scouting, Skinning, Snaring, Tracking)
    Combat Tactics
    First Aid
    Folk Lore
    Feat: Danger Sense

    Can you think of additional skills I should add, btw? Thanks. 🙂

    • Trollslayers have a very particular role in the society of the Warhammer dwarves, it is worth reading up on.

      I would say a Trollhunter should have hunting as a general skill, as you have in outdoorsmanship (my that is a mouthful), and then some sort of specialty ‘Troll Lore’ that lets them know the special tricks for tracking and killing trolls (which I assume is what you have the Troll hunting skill represent). Some knowledge of ranger weapons might not be a bad idea either.

      • Great suggestions! Thank you! I really like the idea of Troll Lore. But of course, to make it worthwhile, I need to build up a stock of handy troll lore facts to dispense… should be enough of them to make it worth spending the time to learn (and skill learning points). I’ll have to think on that one. Also, which weapons are Ranger weapons? I’m running a long term homebrew and not up on that. Thanks again! 😉

        • Oh dear, that should have read “ranged weapons” because keeping your distance from trolls seems like a good idea to me.

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