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Tuesday Magic Item – Pocket Book of Revolution

23 August, 2011

Forbidden by orders of the Magisterium

All copies of the Book of the Common People

Possession equal Treason

Red Book

Bring the Revolution!

Norvis the Blue, Initiate of the People, shook his head at the poster.  The Magisterium was getting desperate, soon their corrupt edifice they called a government would collapse like the rotten husk it was and Norvis would be there to cheer the people on.

His hand tightened around his copy of the Book of the Common People, its truths so sublime that they alone were inspiring the people to rise up.  Even threats of torture and fire, jail and death, would not stop the people from claiming their lands and freedom back.  And tonight, the rising would begin.  And all because of a book.

Pocket Book of Revolution

These small books, often bound in red cloth or leather, are filled with tightly printed arguments and quotes to bolster the speech and deed of any revolutionary.

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