L5R JYTB Campaign Report 25 – Bad Omens in Blood

16 August, 2011

I should have had this up long, long ago but it got lost among other things (like GMing M&M).  Since we are back to this campaign on Thursday, figured I had better get it up for everyone’s reference.

JYTB Campaign Report 25
Something Bad is Happening

Our heroes, having cut down the core of the local blood cult, feel secure in their position.  Everything seems to be coming together in -at last- which is why the report of a mysterious murder is quite troubling.  Two villagers arrive at the magistrates’ compound to report that two of their friends is dead and drained of blood.

Investigations turn up little beyond that it was obviously supernatural and that the kanji for two is burned into the floor.  From there, more bodies starting turning up.  Three murdered by knives.  Four by poison.  The villagers were starting to panic.  The Akodo gathers them in the old village and starts to organize them, comparing the names to the tax rolls, while the rest of the team scours the village to make sure no one is left outside.

Moto Amon storms a fisherman’s house and finds a cultic ritual in progress.  He cuts down two of the cultists in quick succession before the cell leader uses his magic to animate the intestines of one of the slaughtered cultist to bind and crush the Moto.  He fights free and kills the cell leader, but his armor is ruined.

But Amon’s day is only going to get worse.  He joins up with the others, who are hunting for a missing group of children, and they find them in a hidden basement trussed up and ready to be killed.  The executioner is Daisy, one of the girls from the Seventy Seven K’s house of joy and lover of Amon.  She is slain, primarily by Toku Kobo grabbing her around the neck with his jade hand and crushing it.  The jade burns away the skin of ‘Daisy’ revealing the blackened skin of a bog hag underneath.

Afterward, Hida Yo makes Amon consume jade powder to prove that he is not tainted.  Our heroes retreat to the old village to take stock of the situation.  Analyzing the situation, they believe that is all some sort of ritual, building on an every increasing number of sacrifices to tear open a gateway to jigoku (hell).  Our heroes realize, as the skies darken with clouds flaring with red lightning, that while they have contained the gateway but not prevented it entirely.

The episode ended with our heroes gathering what aid they could, their doshin and a few ashigaru, some ronin, to confront what would come through the gateway.  Bolts of crimson lightning tear into the ground and . . . to be continued.

Notes: I am sure some details have been lost in the several months since the actual game but this gets the gist of it across.

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