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Shadowrun and Seattle Scream (Issue #30) prop

13 August, 2011

Today was another Shadowrun demo/episode at Tyche’s Games, skipping the game timeline forward about a month (to Sep, 2068) for Issue 30 of the Seattle Scream to provide a backdrop for the game to play out against.

The characters were hired to steal a trio of portable computers owned by Quantum Snowflake Systems at MATRIXCon.  I tried to keep the planning light and let them do Leverage-style flashbacks to firm up the plan in mid-play.  It worked quite well.  With the ork and troll of the team staging a massive geek-off fight, which escalated to actual blows, in the middle of the convention floor.   The troll ended up arrested for assault and destruction of property after he threw the ork into and then charged through the Quantum Snowflake booth (300 hours of community service and 2 years probation) and the dwarven tech got nailed for attempted theft (100 NuYen fine and his pistol was confiscated) but they succeeded.

They are slowly moving up, they have climbed up to a D+ rating in the Shadowrunning leagues.

Links to back issues of Seattle Scream from previous game can be found here: Issue 29 and Issue 28.

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