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Genre Resources I (Early Modern, Modern Horror, Science Fiction)

10 August, 2011

Various things I have found inspirational and useful, organized into broader themes.

Early modern, general:

Organizing information without computers, the Mundaneum of Paul Otlet.  It shows how difficult organizing masses of information before computerized storage systems.

LIFE’s pictorial of the Golden Age of Train Travel.

Why it is difficult being an adventuress in the Victorian period, the clothes are against you.

For modern(ish) horror:

Maundbury, an experiment in shared worlds fiction: an open-source, crowd sourced Gothic Horror setting for use in fiction and gaming.  A small New England town in 1968, filled with secrets and shadows.

Gun Street Girl, comic about the ‘gun’ (bodyguard/hitter) of a modern occult investigator and the problems they get into.  Excellent example for one or two player and a GM sort of game.

Science Fiction, Near Future

Vertical Farming, growing food -at high density- in cities.  Useful for cyberpunk adventures and on colony worlds.

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