Advancing to August, Exiting July

31 July, 2011

As we move into August (named after that all around swell guy Augustus Caesar), things are hot where I am.  Hope that the weather is treating you better.   Not that we follow themes too closely here, but we will being looking as personalities and persons this month.  If there is something you want to see, write a comment or post in the Sea of Stars forum.

Sadly, I am not making it to GenCon this year but hope that everyone who does has fun (and check out my advice for those going).

July month saw the following articles on the Journal:


Sean’s GenCon Advice, helpful hints from my experience at GenCon.

Shared Campaign Worlds – the FORSE Project,  some discussion from my experience with shared D&D worlds.

New Feats

Armored in Sorcery, let your magic protect you.

Sorcerous Vis, be healed or warded by your magic.

New Magic Items

Blood Tracker Dagger, let no one escape.

Box of Servants, keep your tower clean.

Mage Killer Rod, counter hostile magic at a cost.

Serpent Tail Blade, it bends to your will and to strike your enemies.

Campaign Reports

Mutants and Mastermind, the LA Stars (Heroes of the 1960s),Vol 2 – Issue 9: Race against CriME.

Pathfinder: Heist Gone Done Me Wrong.

Shadowrun with prop (Seattle Scream 29).


The Book of Drakes (for Pathfinder)

Once Upon A Time: A Guide to Fairy Tails (for Pathfinder)

The Tome of Monsters

Ultimate Options: New Arcane Discoveries


Inspirational Viewing – I Sell the Dead

Wandering the Web (11)

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