New Feat – Sorcerous Vis

29 July, 2011

The elven sorcerer laughed as the clumsy Ducal swordsmen -well, he made them look clumsy- tried to grab him as he ran down the table.  A group the got too close were bathed in flashing rainbow light and fell away.

“All I wanted was a kiss from the Duchess,” he complained, leaping to another table.  “Is it my fault she decided she wanted more?”

“Get him!” screamed the Duke.  A trio of crossbow men fired.  Two of their bolts deflected off an invisible shield, but the third struck home.

“I am wounded!” cried the sorcerer, speaking a word and leaping to a open window, half way up the high ceiling.  “I know when I am not wanted.”  With that he pitched himself out of the window.

“Find him!  Kill him!” frothed the Duke.  I just shook my head, knowing the sorcerer as a ham and that the wound he suffered would soon be as vanished as he was from the Duke’s presence.

Sorcerous Vis
You draw health and life energy from your magic.

Prerequisites: Bard or Sorcerer, Wisdom 11 or Great Fortitude.

Benefit: Whenever you cast an arcane spell, you either heal half the spell level (rounded up) in hit points or gain temporary hit points equal to the spell level +1 for the next minute.  These temporary hit points stack up to a maximum of the character’s bard or sorcerer levels plus their Charisma modifier.

Notes: Vis is from Latin and means power or force.

Yes, I realize that using this feat a sorcerer can pump his temporary hit points up by casting 0-level spells.  The idea is to encourage sorcerers (and to a lesser extent bards) to  take risks in combat because their magic will protect them (or at least heal them if it goes wrong).

Like yesterday’s Armored in Sorcery feats, this was inspired by WotC’s Dragon Magic book (by Owen K.C. Stephens and Rodney Thompson), this time by the Draconic Vigor feat.

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