New Feats – Armored in Sorcery

28 July, 2011

The sorcerer laughed as his conjured fire burned through the first rank of soldiers.  The volley of crossbow bolts that rained down upon him were deflected by a haze that radiated from him like heat.

“Fools!” he shouted.  ‘Not only does my magic destroy you, it protects me!”

Another bolt of fire from the sorcerer’s hand destroyed a wagon and the three soldier behind it.  “Now . . .” the rest of his boast was cut off as a silver shafted arrow pierced his breast.  “What!?”

The Silver Band had finally arrived.  Now the sorcerer would have a real fight on his hands.

Armored in Sorcery
Your magic creates a momentary aura that protects you from harm.

Prerequisites: Sorcerer, Wisdom 11 or Toughness.

Benefit: Whenever you cast an arcane spell, for the next round you gain damage reduction X/magic, where X is the equal to the level of the spell cast.

For example, casting lightning bolt would give the caster DR 3/magic for the next round.

Armored in Sorcery, Bloodline
The protective aura created by your magic is tied to your bloodline and more effective because of it.

Prerequisites: arcane caster level 5th, Armored in Sorcery, certain sorcerer bloodlines only.

Benefit: The damage reduction you gain from Armored in Sorcery is no longer defeated by magic but by a weakness tied to your bloodline, according to the following list:

Bloodline     DR
Abyssal       good
Celestial      evil
Fey               cold iron
Infernal       good
Undead       magic and slashing

Special: For fey bloodline sorcerers, the DR gained from this feat will stack with that gained from their Soul of the Fey ability.

Armored in Sorcery, Improved
The momentary aura created by your magic is stronger and lasts longer when powered by more powerful magic.

Prerequisites: arcane caster level 5th, Armored in Sorcery.

Benefit: The damage reduction you gain from Armored in Sorcery is now calculated from the spell level +1 and if the spell was 5th level or higher, you gain DR 2/magic in the round following the round the spell was cast in.

For example, casting chain lightning (a 6th level sorcerer spell) would give the caster DR 7/magic for the next round and DR 2/magic for the round after.

Notes:  Inspired by the Draconic Armor feat from WotC’s Dragon Magic book (by Owen K.C. Stephens and Rodney Thompson).  It just seemed like such a neat idea and I had not seen something similar adapted for Pathfinder, so here you go.

For another sorcerer feat with a similar idea, see Sorcerous Vis.


  1. The sort of thing that could come in handy. 🙂

  2. Super ingenious. You make me want to play Pathfinder more often.

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