Inspirational Viewing – I Sell the Dead

25 July, 2011

Stumbled across this movie from 2008, I Sell the Dead, it starts with a execution by guillotine and moves into the story of a pair of grave

I Sell The Dead Poster

Never Trust a Corpse

robbers in an 18th/19th C. Englandish place.

It is a little slow paced at the start, but soon picks up.  It borrows its look from the Hammer Horror movies, consciously aping the style, look and pacing of that era.  It has interesting undead, villainous humans, grave robbing and Ron Perlman as a monk.

If you do not mind a mix of campy horror and humor, give this movie a look.  I suspect that someone could build a nice Fiasco scenario out of the pieces of it.  It would also be an excellent inspiration for Warhammer and other gritty fantasy.

Take a look if such craziness interest you.

Image borrowed from the IMBD page for the film.


  1. And I thought I was the only one….

  2. It is great fun. 😀

  3. I enjoyed this when I saw it though I came in half way through the first time and then when I caught up with it the second time I realized I had seen it before in part.

    There is a Hammer feel to it. I am fan of horror movies though not a fan of slasher movies. Campy horror like this is always good. The cast it had was surprising for a movie that did not get much fanfare.

  4. This is an awesome movie. I caught it one afternoon on Showtime and it is a great little film, sure a little cliche here and there, but it also has some great ideas and scenes.

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