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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpent Tail Blade

19 July, 2011

Vellan let the sword unwrap itself from around her forearm and slide into her hand.  “Shall we fight then?” she asked of the trio of men blocking her path in the alley.

Serpent Tail BladeTheir eyes followed the arc her sword traced.  “We did not know you were armed,” muttered one.

“You prefer prey that cannot fight back?” she said, eyeing them carefully, shifting to be ready to lunge.

“We don’t want trouble,” said another.

“Then you should not have followed me,” she smiled but there was no mirth in it.

 Serpent Tail Blade

These weapons come in all sizes from daggers to great swords, the metal of the blades usually has a faint green tinge but other colors of snake are occasionally found (one great sword has a pale red blade with a blade stripe, for example).  The blades are usually curved or wavy in design.  The grips are carved in snake-scale patterns or, or rarely, wrapped in snakeskin.

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