Superhero Resources

11 July, 2011

Places to intrigue and inspire your superheroic games, some of these I have probably mentioned before but:

The Atomic Think Tank, a forum for all things Mutants and Masterminds.  Very inspirational.

Torch (of Liberty)

Torch (of Liberty)

Project: Rooftop, a blog for comic costume redesigns, good resources for costume ideas.

Fabrica de Herois, where you can build your own heroes (in Portuguese).

My sadly neglected Heroes Inc wiki.


Magellan, a very comprehensively drawn superheroic world, following a superhero in training at the Magellan Academy.

Plan B, occasionally NSFW and concluded, the tale of a supervillainess revenge on her ex-husband (who is a superhero).

Skin Horse, the misadventures of Skin Horse, the branch of the US Shadow Government that deals with non-human sentients.

Spinnerette, about a novice superheroine and her (mis)adventures.

And for a lighter and more irreverent view of supers, Atomic Laundromat, a non-powered son of a superhero who runs a laundry for capes and costumes.


  1. Superhero Girl is another fun comic strip about – well, I’ll let you guess from the title.

    • I will give it a look. Thanks.

      Edit: And back. Superhero Girl is quite fun in a positive, post-modern kind of way. Definitely worthwhile for modern supers inspiration.

  2. […] might want to check out Sean Holland’s Sea of Stars blog this week. He’s put together a list of some of the sites he uses for inspiration for his own superhero work – including a few websites and comics you may not know about […]

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