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Pathfinder One-Shot (probably) – Heist Gone Done Me Wrong

2 July, 2011

So, our usually Wednesday night group was down a member due to family commitments but an old friend has recently moved back into the area and so we decided to do a Sea of Stars Pathfinder adventure.  As it was a (most likely) one-shot, I just said build a 3rd level character with no restrictions, the characters we ended up with were:

Zekkerin “Zek” Hohlevatergeisterspieler, Badgerkin Barbarian/Cleric, exiled for his fits of rages from his home in the Crimson Lined Valley now seeking a new path as he travels.  (Played by J1.)

Bodkin McStaggart, human Rogue, whose motto is “God Will Provide!”  A robber of robbers and mauler of murders, stealing from criminals to his own benefit.  Armed with the Fist of Justice, a magical gauntlet.  (Played by J2.)

John Smith, half-orc* celestial-bloodline Sorcerer, “the most beautiful half-orc you have ever seen, his snout in perfect proportion to his tusks”.  A self-appointed doer of good deeds and smiter of evil.  (Played by R, my returning friend who has not played D20 for some time.)

So, their initial scenes went (in order):

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